Hello and Welcome!

We are beyond excited that you’re interested in joining the Panhellenic community at Columbia. Being a part of Greek life has truly changed my college career, and we’re so proud to be part of this incredible group of interested, dynamic and passionate women. As you look into the Columbia Panhellenic sororities, we hope you see what we do: organizations that defy stereotypes of Greek Life and provide a safe haven from the world of stress and competition that can sometimes define Barnard and Columbia life. 

Sigma Delta Tau has become our home over the past few years. As first-years, I wanted a community on campus and another networking opportunity; what we found, however, is so much more than that. College is both a time of excitement and nervousness, opportunity and change—all of which can seem more overwhelming than inspiring. Being Sig Delts, however, have allowed us to embrace Columbia and New York City with confidence and support that we never could have imagined. This sisterhood has given us a place to feel comfortable and feel like ourselves, but has also pushed us to try new things, meet new people and discover who we might be able to become.  SDT has provided us with networking opportunities, academic support, thoughtful conversations, and most importantly, friendships that we are sure will last a lifetime.

We cannot wait to meet you during Formal Recruitment in January! Our funny, kind, smart, and incredibly loving sisters have been there for us for the highs and lows, the mundane and the magical moments that are college life; we are so proud and grateful that we have this group of women behind us. During Formal Recruitment, we hope that you feel the genuine connection we did and truly find your home at Columbia.


Jessica Cohen & Rebecca Dubovsky

Philanthropy Night:

The first night of recruitment centers on Philanthropy. Potential New Members (PNMs) will be divided into small groups and will travel to each of the six sororities' philanthropy events. At each sorority, PNMs will be introduced to the many benefits of Greek Life, and, more specifically, be given the opportunity to learn about each sorority's national philanthropy.

Sigma Delta Tau's national philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). To learn more, click here!


Development Night:

In this second event, PNMs will attend a maximum of four sororities and learn more about the specifics of each organization.

At Sigma Delta Tau, you will hear exactly what makes our sisterhood so exceptional. Through talking with sisters and viewing our SDT slideshow, you will learn about the personal, academic, and career benefits that come from affiliation with Sigma Delta Tau. Most importantly, you will be given a better glimpse into the nature of our sisterhood.

Preference Night:

Preference Night, a very elegant and special ceremony, is the final event of Recruitment. On this night, PNMs will visit a maximum of two sororities. At our Preference Night, the sisters of Sigma Delta Tau will share with you a part of our ritual. For the duration of the night, you will be paired alone with a sister who will answer any last questions you may have about Sigma Delta Tau and the lifelong bond of our sisterhood.

Bid Day and Night:

On Bid Day, each PNM finds out to which sorority she has been offered a bid. After receiving her bid, each PNM will be given the opportunity to accept or decline membership.

The recruitment process concludes with Bid Night. After you accept your bid, you will begin celebrating with your new sisters!

To see more about recruitment, click here